booking17The Black Stork hotel this year was awarded again with the Guest Review Award for 2016 by the international travel accommodation site The prize was awarded thanks to the overall rating that we raised from 8.7 last year to 9.2 this year, with a maximum of 10. The rating is entirely based on feedback from our customers.

May holidays

One day package BB with festival  dinner – 59.00 BGN / person

Two days package BB with festival  dinner – 89.00 BGN / person

Three days package BB with festival dinner – 109.00 BGN/ person


The offer is valid between 29.04 – 01.05 и 05.05 – 07.05.2017


The package includes

  • the corresponding number of nights
  • the corresponding number of breakfasts
  • festive dinner
  • use of outdoor pool, jacuzzi, steam bath, fitness, ping-pong table , bicycles
  • Internet
  • tourist tax
  • check in – 12.00
  • check out – 14.00 ч.


Payment methods :

  • 30% payment on booking, the rest of place in the hotel in cash or by card
  • Children under 6 years – free (without dinner)
  • Children between 6 and 12 years – 50 % from regular price

Festive Dinner:

  • Spring fresh salad – 250 g
    (spinach, green salad, radish, cucumber, green onions, egg, walnuts )
  • Main dish by choice:
    Roast lamb meat with spices and garnish mashed potatoes and spinach – 350 g
    Stuffing chicken breasts and garnish mashed potatoes and spinach – 350 g
  • A piece of homemade bread – 100 g
  • Mineral water – 330 ml
  • Dessert by choice:
    Chocolate cake with ricotta – 150 g
    Cheesecake with blueberries – 150 g
  • Rakia Rousse natural pearl – 50 ml
  • A glass of wine from Nisovo Winery


Breakfast by choice:

  • Home made cheese patties, airan, schwarz coffee or tea
  • Homemade mekitsi (fried dough balls) with white cheese, honey or jam home, airan, schwarz coffee or tea
  • Fried eggs toasts with white cheese and honey or jam home airan, schwarz coffee or herbal tea
  • Sandwiches – 2 ps with ham, yellow cheese, tomatoes, airan, schwarz coffee or tea
  • Scrambled eggs, bread, schwarz coffee or tea

Guest Review Award 2015

bookingThe Black Stork Hotel was awarded the prize Guest Review Award for 2015 from the international website for tourist hotels The prize was awarded thanks to a total estimate of 8.7 at maximum 10 received feedback from our customers


The Black Stork Hotel gained exceptional recognition for best family hotel at the Holiday 2009 International Tourism Fair in the city of Sofia. The Golden Prize was awarded by the Tourism and Recreation Magazine as a praise for the hotel’s coziness, hospitality and professionalism.


Green house ® is a trade mark for quality which offers places for accommodation and hospitality, selected for their authentic welcoming and servicing of their guests while protecting nature.


A Letter of Gratitude from the Board of managers of the Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association for hosting and perfect organization of the visit of national media representatives and BHRA members.


In 2012, the Black Stork Hotel was awarded a Certificate of Achievement by the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism for contribution to the development of tourism on the territory of the municipality of Ivanovo, in the Family Hotel category.

New Year Tide

surva-1 surva-2 surva-3
The custom New Year Tide (Surva, Survaki) begins with the first hours of the New Year. Sourvakari enter each house in groups of young boys – children or older, bachelors-sourvakari. All of them hold the obligatory raw, newly cut cornel-tree sticks, decorated with coins, pop corn, dried fruits and red wool threads. Together with the survaki the boys pronounce blessings for each member of the family, beginning with the eldest one.


babinden-1 babinden-2 babinden-3 babinden-4
Babinden is one of the greatest women’s folk celebrations, dedicated to babuvane – the activity of the women, who assisted brides and young wives with the delivery of babies. Ritualism throughout the whole day is associated mainly with the desire of attesting respect and esteem to the elderly women, who assisted the young mothers in childbirth.

Lazarki Day (Lazaruvane)

lazarov-den-1 lazarov-den-2 lazarov-den-3 lazarov-den-4 lazarov-den-5
For many years, young girls from Nisovo have been gathering in the local community home on this day, to practice the ritual of Lazaritsa, filling the village with their songs all day long. They are dressed in traditional folklore costumes, and as they go round the houses, they sing ritual Lazarki songs and bless for health, happiness and abundance.
Young women pick flowers for the wreaths they are going to make on Palm Sunday.